krIt was a blissful moment to be standing before this timeless splendour that is the Taj Mahal ... It seems that in another thousand years, nothing will change. India made us live intensely in each moment

Kim and Rhéaume

gI was highly attracted to India. It is a remarkable country with hospitable and cheerful people. Thanks to Indiamylove Voyages for a well organised tour in India!


jmWe journeyed through some of the highest mountain roads in the World and experienced breathtaking landscapes. Guided with skill and discretion on the theme of "Art of Living" of Tibetan Buddhism, this trip will remain an unforgettable human and cultural experience!

Jean & Monique

renTo travel is to enjoy the beauty in diversity. Thank you Indiamylove Voyages!


danMagical India. A splendid ship of the desert. Kaleidoscope of colors, beaming faces, animals everywhere and full of heavenly places. I love it!


marieFlawless and flexible travel logistics. Destinations bold and beautiful. Indiamylove Voyages took us through a beautiful and generous India: sacred, mystical, gastronomic. Images are limitless. The inner journey ... equally unlimited.


marcoAfter two trips to India organized by Indiamylove Voyages, I think only of one thing, to return as soon as possible!